Water Damage Repair Irvine

Water emergencies happen when we don’t expect them. Floods, dishwasher overflows, and a pipe breaks are common causes of water damage. Fabrics and other materials exposed to water damage get destroyed if not handled properly and in a timely fashion. They pose a serious health risk to people if they aren’t taken care of properly. Two major natural causes of home and business water damage is flooding and fire.

If this ever happens you want trained professional cleaning technicians on your side. Call Carpet Cleaning Irvine. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with water damage problems. In many cases we have salvaged property from total loss and we save properties from becoming a health hazard to the owner. Carpet Cleaning Irvine can save you money while we do this. We work hard and fast to disinfect and dry your building and belongings. Our goal is to be the company that saves you money while we  protect your property in this situation.


Fixing a water damage problem isn’t a do-it-yourself project. The problems can’t be fixed with retail products. You need a professional service. If the water dries naturally it creates the perfect environment for mold and fungi to thrive. Mold spores in waterlogged areas quickly infest carpets that become breeding grounds other infestation.

Carpet Cleaning Irvine has the professional tools and trained technicians that restore your belongings to their pre-flood condition before they were damaged. When you need to hire a company to deal with water damage, Carpet Cleaner Irvine is the company to call. Our technicians are equipped and trained to handle your situation.

Remember, water damaged hardwood floors need to be dried fast. Hardwood floors start cupping when they get over saturated. It always looks like a total loss. Most people think replacing the floor is the only thing they can do.  Carpet Cleaners Irvine can dry the floors fast and safely.

After flooding, even some walls can be saved. Some walls can be dried safely and kept completely intact. We have the experience to make those decisions. We’ll get the job done for you. Our technicians handle every extreme. We are ready when you need us most. Carpet Cleaners Irvine will clean, deodorize, and disinfect all the areas in your home or business affected by flooding in Irvine.