You had a great party. Stay calm. Take a deep breath and call Carpet Cleaning Irvine. The next morning you walked into the living room and found red wine stains on your Persian rug! Food stains are all over the upholstery on the furniture! You don’t have to worry about how you going to get the stains up. That’s Carpet Cleaning Irvine’s job. Call us, we’re the stain experts. Don’t worry, we are Irvine’s professional rug and upholstery cleaning company.

We have been taking care of situations like this in Irvine for a long time.  Carpet Cleaning Irvine technicians know all the ins and outs of deep cleaning your upholstery and rugs. When you need experienced cleaning technicians in Irvine, call us. Carpet Cleaning Irvine specializes in fine upholstery and furniture. Cleaning expensive Orientals is not a problem for us. We even pick them up for you. It’s our life’s work. Carpet Cleaning Irvine guarantees the best workmanship you’ll find anywhere for upholstery cleaning.


We have hundreds of happy customers that will vouch for our quality of service. You are going to find the most reasonable pricing in Irvine. Our methods and equipment what you would to protect your valuable furniture. With the newest cleaning equipment, our technicians deliver real results for customers just like you. When we are done cleaning, your upholstery will look like new.  We even apply a deodorizer to make sure your furniture smells fresh, just like in the showroom where you bought it.

Do you know when you vacuum your upholstery regularly, it doesn’t remove all the grime from your upholstery?  It can’t. Residential vacuums aren’t made to remove all the debris from your couch. Call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the grime and stains from your upholstery. Carpet Cleaning Irvine uses experienced cleaning technicians. You’ll be thrilled with our professionalism as we go about the cleaning and protect your valuable furniture in the process.

Our staff is standing by to help you when you call. Carpet Cleaning Irvine sends cleaning technicians to your door. First they inspect your furniture. They do this to see what methods and cleaning solutions work best. The professional products we use won’t harm your upholstery or your home. We clean the stains first and then the entire upholstery. Extraction machines dry and finish the process by removing grime and moisture from your upholstery. We’ve been helping people like you for a long time across Irvine. Carpet Cleaning Irvine offers the best prices for carpet cleaning in Irvine CA. Call today.