Tile floors add a feeling of luxury to any room. ¬†Tile gives you a feeling of luxury and space like you feel in an expensive hotel lobby. Tiles beauty is matched by its durability. In bathrooms we use tile. It’s perfect for a room where there will be much moisture. It is nonporous and doesn’t absorb water. This makes tile the perfect material for baths. Between the tile are the grout lines. Grout wears over time and needs to be maintained.

If it’s not maintained periodically, grout lines will start to discolor. Mopping cleans the floors, but wears the surface of the grout and speeds discoloring. Are you like most homeowners? Many struggle cleaning the grout which can be a long tedious job. Off-the-shelf grout cleaners can discolor the grout and make it uneven across your floor. That’s a common problem with retail solutions.


Carpet Cleaning Irvine can take care of your grout cleaning and maintenance. We offer grout cleaning services in Irvine. You don’t need to do this alone. You don’t need to do this at all. Our technicians use professional equipment that combines heat, cleaning liquid, pressurized water, and then vacuums that lift dirt out of the grout. We do this without damaging your floor. Carpet Cleaning Irvine gets your grout clean. Your floor looks like it was just installed after we finish.

We seal your grout lines after the cleaning. Sealant is colorless, won’t darken the grout lines in the least. It protects your grout lines and your floor from wear over time. You can put off regrouting for a few more years. Carpet Cleaning Irvine keeps your grout lines in great condition. If it needs to be fixed now, we can do it for you. Water will seep into your building structure over time and cause damage if grout isn’t maintained.

Why hire Carpet Cleaning Irvine for grout cleaning? Our customers have many different reasons. We’ll get the job done for you fast. Our technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to handle everything. Call Carpet Cleaners Irvine for a free estimate today. We guarantee all our work.