Irvine Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Irvine is proud of the reputation we earn everyday as Irvine’s rug cleaning company. All our work is done when it’s convenient for you. We keep your rugs looking great over the long-term. We guarantee the most affordable prices in Irvine. Carpet Cleaning Irvine cleans your rugs without the hassle, affordably.

Rugs are a big part of any commercial decor. Priced to suit any commercial area, they can be a centerpiece of a room. Designs, patterns, and pricing are made for every budget. When you purchase rugs for your business or home, you want them to stay in great condition. You should have them cleaned professionally. A commercial rug cleaning company will keep your rugs looking great over the long-term.


We all know image is everything in retail. Companies want their retail or office space to look successful. Part of that image are the rugs people see when they first walk in. Rugs are a great indicator of how well your company is doing. Rug Cleaning Irvine is your local rug cleaning company. We service all the towns around Irvine CA.

Rugs need regular deep cleaning that cleans in between all the layers found in most area rugs. Surface vacuuming doesn’t do this. For your home it’s part of keeping it free from allergens and making a healthy environment for your family.

Because normal vacuums don’t clean inside the layers, the trapped dirt, debris, and bacteria build up over time. It looks clean on the outside. Inside the weave, dirt is wearing out the fiber and taking years of service off your rugs.

Carpet Cleaning Irvine deep cleans your rugs. We have a free pickup and delivery service, and offer many different cleaning services. Our technicians clean every rug quickly and thoroughly.   Carpet Cleaning Irvine services include furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning, and water damage restoration.

Carpet Cleaning Irvine operators are waiting for your call. Call us first for your rug cleaning. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day.