Loveseat Cleaning Irvine

You want to show off your home. You just moved in and want to impress your friends and guests with your beautiful home and furniture. You’ll have a housewarming party! People are eating, sipping wine, and dancing. Everyone has a great time. You wake up the next morning and look around, uh-oh. The carpets and couches have wine and food stains on them.

Do you panic? Call Carpet Cleaning Irvine instead. Don’t worry we’ll take care of everything. Carpet Cleaning Irvine is the expert you call for love seat cleaning. We have the record to prove it. Carpet Cleaning Irvine professional cleaners remove all the stains on your love seats, couches, and carpet. We provide quality cleaning service in Irvine. And our cleaning services are safe for your furniture fabrics. We even get rid of pet stains. Enjoy your . Leave the clean-up to us.


Our technicians come to your home and inspect the fabric type and the stains on your love seat. The fabric is important to deciding the cleaning method used. Different cleaners are bad for different materials. Carpet Cleaning Irvine protects your furniture when we work. Our technicians apply a dissolving agent on the stains to lift them out of the fabric. The quick acting agents work on the stains and removes them. This harmless agent keeps the fabrics on your love seat from discoloring or fading, otherwise they would need to be scrubbed with heavy detergents. Carpet Cleaning Irvine provides free estimates for all our cleaning services.

After we dissolve the stains, Carpet Cleaning Irvine deep cleans the fabric using professional equipment. Afterward, we use extraction equipment that suctions up the rest of the moisture and dirt from your loveseat. We apply a disinfectant to remove pet odors and bacteria from your loveseat. After this we protect the fabrics on your loveseat with a clear protective coating. The loveseat you knew was ruined before you called us, looks perfect again. That’s our guarantee. You’ll be glad you called us.

For the cleanest loveseat in Irvine, call Carpet Cleaning Irvine!