Are your couches covered in expensive leather or fabric? If so, or even if not, you want to keep them spotless to ensure they stay showroom pretty for a long time. You want to protect the colors and elaborate designs that make your couch special. Sofas and couches are everybody’s favorite furniture to relax on  in your living room or den.

We entertain friends and family in comfort on our couches. Doesn’t everybody use them to relax on every day? In Irvine they are indispensable to our lifestyle. And yet, with all this use, how often to we have them cleaned? Because we use our couch daily, they also collect dirt and germs quickly. Regardless of how careful we are spills happen. Call Carpet Cleaning Irvine to deep clean your couches today.


Carpet Cleaning Irvine technicians cleans your couch fast and safely. Our professional equipment is designed to remove stains without damaging the fabric or leather on your couch. It’s environmentally safe and won’t hurt your kids or your pets.  When you call us and make an appointment, our technician will give you an estimate. This follows an inspection to find out the amount of soiling on your couch.

The inspection shows us the couch cleaning method  and cleaning solution used. There is a large difference between leather and fabrics. There’s even a large difference between different fabrics. After you are happy  and give us the go-ahead, our technician starts the stain removal and cleaning your couch. The cleaning solutions we use are all harmless to your couches fabrics. We guarantee it.

Carpet Cleaning Irvine has been an industry leader in the cleaning industry for many years. Our technicians are the most dedicated in Irvine.  Because of this, we provide a service that remains unmatched by other companies. Each customer is important us. We guarantee all our work. Call Carpet Cleaning Irvine first for your couch and sofa cleaning in Irvine.